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ABOUT Webhelp UK

Webhelp UK is part of the Webhelp Group - 17,500 employees in 33 centres serving 25 clients across the UK, Europe and North Africa.

Webhelp UK are customer experience innovators, supporting some of the UK’s leading brands with dedicated outsourced customer services and solutions.

Previously known as HEROtsc, we’ve been masters in the art of communication since 1994. This, coupled with an exciting future in multichannel services, is why our client partners trust us to deliver exceptional customer experiences, each and every time.

We now have a growing number of centres and employees becoming one of the largest independently-owned customer experience organisations in the world; a total of 28,500 employees in 79 centres serving clients across the UK, Europe and North Africa. Joint revenues for this year are expected to exceed 370m Euros.

With investment continuing in the UK, and a marketing office established in London to support future growth, now’s an exciting time to join us and make the most of the career opportunities on offer.

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What we do

Retail brands, financial institutions, utilities providers; we create and deliver bespoke end-to-end customer experience solutions for them all, and many more besides.

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Ours is not the usual approach. It’s the smart one. SmartSales, SmartServ, SmartRecievables – each of our outsourced services are designed to address the unique needs and challenges of our client partners.

Building on our expertise in voice communications, we’ve become one of the UK’s leading multichannel customer experience providers. And it’s our skilled and specialist teams, handling everything from care, collection and receivables to data, insight and intelligence, that have got us where we are today, and will continue to carry us forwards.

We’re always on the lookout for the right people to find the right solution for our customers. Could it be you?

Business Areas

Our commitment to delivering masterful communications has established Webhelp UK as a leading customer experience outsourcing company, delivering award-winning innovative business services, excellent customer service and great customer interactions.

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You could build a career with our skilled and specialist teams in any of these areas:

  • Solutions Design
  • Data, Insight & Intelligence
  • Voice sales (including billing, care, collections and receivables)
  • Multichannel sales (including billing, care, collections and receivables)
  • Digital, mobile and social

Growing Company

Exciting Times ahead as Webhelp Group acquired HEROtsc As one of the UK’s leading contact centre companies which employs over 6,500 people across eight sites, HEROtsc is excited to announce it has been acquired by Paris-headquartered Webhelp Group.

about us

business areas

We create and deliver bespoke end-to-end customer experience solutions, which are designed to address the unique challenges and objectives of our client partners. As part of the Webhelp Group we can provide enhanced multichannel services and international capabilities to our customers.

Our roots are deep in voice communications; providing outsourced customer service, sales and receivables services. We've built on this background to become a robust multichannel customer experience provider. "This acquisition is excellent news for our people and customers. Webhelp is a dedicated customer relationship management organisation and is therefore totally supportive of our ambition to provide customers with the very best multichannel experience. Our management teams share an entrepreneurial drive to push the company forward and achieve new growth across all of our markets." David Turner, Webhelp UK Chief Executive

We create and deliver bespoke end-to-end customer experience solutions, which are designed to address the unique challenges and objectives of our client partners. As part of the Webhelp Group we can provide enhanced multichannel services and international capabilities to our customers.

Our roots are deep in voice communications; providing outsourced customer service, sales and receivables services. We've built on this background to become a robust multichannel customer experience provider.


With onsite internet cafes, breakout rooms and shopping opportunities, our customer experience centres are more than just workplaces.

Each of our lively customer experience centres has a character and social-scene all of its own – just like the different towns and cities they’re based in.

But no matter where you join us, from Dunoon to Derby, Warrington to Rothesay, you’ll find an environment full of energy, creativity and fun.

Put simply, you’ll find a great place to work (and play).

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Webhelp offer multiple opportunities in France, from Paris to Fontenay le Comte.

To find out more about our roles within France please visit


Webhelp is an international call centre operator with a unique network of contact centres in Morocco from Agadir to Rabat.

To find out more about our roles in Morocco please visit


Bring your personality to one of our roles, and we’ll make sure you enjoy a career that gives you plenty to talk about.

A really good conversation hinges on shared input.

At Webhelp UK, everyone has an important part in play in our continued success and growth. There’s no one vital role – every job is important, and each and every person is rewarded for their hard work.

Where will you master the art of communication?

  • team lead & manager

  • professional roles

  • customer services

  • sales

  • telemarketing

Is Webhelp UK for you?

At Webhelp UK, everyone has an important part in play in our continued success and growth.


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The difference between losing a sale and closing a sale? For us, it’s great customer service.

If you’re going to be the right fit for our sales teams, you’ll need to be a natural-born communicator – friendly, outgoing and intuitive. The kind of person who provides customers’ with a great experience without even thinking about it.

Of course, it’s a target driven role, so you’ll need to be passionate and dedicated too. But as long as you have the kind of personality and approach that makes you a great team player, you’ll find that you have all the support and recognition you need to excel – plus excellent rewards too.


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If you enjoy working in a quiet, calm, slow-paced role, then this is definitely not for you! Our telemarketers are loud, enthusiastic and energetic, people who love the challenge of working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

They’re also very good at what they do. Professional, confident and driven, they’re able to communicate effectively with all kinds of customers on any campaign.

Join us here and you’ll achieve your targets week in, week out, but not at the expense of others. Our teams work well together, and you’ll support one another to exceed group goals – earning bonuses, prizes and regular rewards.


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We’ll give you all the support and guidelines you need to understand the role and hit the phones with confidence, whatever client you’re working for and whatever kind of call you’ll be on. But while every call and every customer is different, the principles are always the same.

It’s about presenting the best possible image for our clients – with professional, friendly and engaging communications that deal with the transaction, issue or query first time, every time.

Team Leader & Manager

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Motivator. Problem solver. Decision maker. As a leader or manager, you’ll be all of this and more.

When your teams look to you for inspiration, your enthusiasm and energy will help them go above and beyond. And should problems arise – a cool head and calm approach will let you take control of the situation.

You’ll support, lead and develop your team, giving people the opportunities and incentives to thrive. And when they succeed, you’ll recognise and reward achievement. Of course our managers need to have strong leadership and communication skills, the ability to maintain client relationships and meet targets. But more than this, they need to share our way of thinking and working – they need to believe in our vision.

Professional Roles

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As a business, we’re growing fast. The ways in which we communicate with our client’s customers is ever-evolving, with innovative services now being offered via email, live chat and more.

We’re well on the way to becoming the UK’s leading multichannel customer experience provider. We need people with the skills that will keep our business operating through that growth, and help carry us towards an exciting future. People with skills based in areas like finance, HR, IT and administration. But in those people, we also want to find the personalities and values that match ours.

Customer Service

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Our business is all about great customer service. It’s what our clients trust us to provide, and what we’ll rely on you to deliver. Voice communications, email, live chat – you’ll communicate with customers across an ever-evolving choice of channels.

Whether it’s answering queries, dealing with issues or managing customers’ accounts, you’ll ensure that every customer you help is a happy one.

We’ll give you the support you need to accomplish this target with confidence, whatever client you’re working for and whatever kind of query you’re on.


A customer asks if they’d be able to get their photos printed at a lower price elsewhere. You know your client isn’t the cheapest in the market. What do you say?

You admit it’s not the cheapest but assure them that it’s definitely worth paying a little extra.

Tell them they’ll struggle to find cheaper prices elsewhere – they’re unlikely to check anyway.

You tell them your client offers excellent value for money and explain all the benefits of the service like excellent print quality, online photo sharing etc.

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2 .

You receive a call about a service fault that a customer has. Unable to resolve it you are about to transfer the call to an engineer when the customer asks about an upcoming sports event that is only pay per view through your service

The call is a technical problem so you pass it straight on to an engineer.

You let the caller know how to renew later and transfer them to an engineer.

You help the caller renew there and then before transferring to an engineer.

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3 .

Your team is promoting a new phone and broadband package and is very close to earning a shared bonus. You’ve already signed up enough customers, but one of your colleagues is still a sale short. Your next caller has agreed to sign up. What do you do?

Sign up the caller, earning you a personal bonus.

Transfer the call to the member of the team who is one customer short.

Offer the call out to the whole team.

Helping your team earn the bonus would have been better. Try another.

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Our people know when to lead and when to listen, how to hold attention and keep our client’s customers happy.

To be the best in business, you need to bring the best people on board.

Our intelligent recruitment process ensures we attract natural-born communicators, the people who can represent our client partners in the best possible way. In essence, the right people for the right job.

Our values form the foundation of our company, defining the kind of organisation we are and the impression we give to our clients and their customers.


We honour the promises made to colleagues, clients and customers.


Working as one team towards a common success takes precedence over personal interest.


By ‘going the extra mile’ and embracing innovation, we continually seek to amaze the people we work with!


We work with a positive attitude leading by example. We treat others the way we would expect to be treated.


Acknowledgement of individual contribution is essential to ensure our collective success.

If you share our values, we’d like to share details of our current opportunities with you!

Don't take our word for it, see what our employees have to say about working at Webhelp UK
  • hannah & adam

    jules & steph

    nick & shane

  • alan & vicky

    sandie & craig

    amna & peter

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    'Fruity fridays', shopping discounts and the chance to enrol at Webhelp University – working with us brings more than the usual rewards.

    We’re proud of our people. They’re at the centre of all we do.

    And we know that the more engaged they are, the more they’ll put into our client’s campaigns. That’s why we manage a number of SMART people focused initiatives:

    • On-boarding for new starters
    • Performance management framework
    • Coaching and support
    • Structured career paths
    • Recognition and rewards

    star awards

    corporate benefits

    learning & development

    Corporate Benefits

    benefits for you

    learning & development

    star awards

    We want you because you’re one of the best in the business. And we know that in order to get you on board, and keep you, we need to offer you more of what you want.

    That’s why, in addition to your basic salary, you’ll receive plenty of rewards and benefits. All of the kind that you’d expect from a people-focused company like ours, with a few happy surprises included too.

    Webhelp UK benefits and rewards:

    • Bonus programmes
    • 28 days holiday
    • Access to group stakeholder pension scheme
    • Access to Healthsure (insurance) scheme
    • Childcare vouchers
    • Training opportunities - NVQ
    • Discounted bus passes
    • Free eye test and corrective eyewear contributions
    • Discounts on holidays, hotels, hampers and more
    • Fruity Friday: free fruit all day, once a month
    • Discounted legal services
    • Free financial advice
    • Recognition programmes
    • Liftshare initiatives
    • Outstanding contribution prizes
    • Recommend-a-friend initiatives
    • Option to donate to charities via Workplace Giving UK
    • Employee engagement forums
    • Eventfull: employee organised events
    • Assistance with health, work and money issues

    Learning & Development

    benefits for you

    corporate benefits

    star awards

    At Webhelp UK, we want you master the art of communication and build a meaningful career with us.

    Webhelp UK Training

    Whatever your role and whatever your level, we’re here to help you perform better, develop your skills, and ultimately progress in your career.

    That’s why a wide range of training and development programmes are available to all of our employees in all of our centres, and why we’ll always recognise and reward the people who grow with us.

    When you join us, you’ll take part in a thorough induction process, giving you the introduction you need to hit the ground running – with as much support as you need. You’ll benefit from one-to-one coaching from colleagues, be able to track your progress, and take part in a range of training sessions to build your skills. And it doesn’t stop there.

    Whatever your role and whatever your level, we’ll be here to help you perform better, develop your skills and do more in your career with us.

    Webhelp University

    If you’ve got the right skills and the right attitude, you can make it all the way to the top at Webhelp University. More than the standard management programme, what we offer has a course for every step of the ladder, right up to senior management level.

    Freshers’ Week – New Team Leaders

    This 3 month long programme will give you a start in leadership and give you all the skills you need to support your team.

    Talent Programme - High flyers

    As a high flyer in our business, you’ll be mentored to become a master of the art of communication. This will happen through a series of personalised support tools and development opportunities.

    Star Awards

    benefits for you

    corporate benefits

    learning & development

    Every day our people go above and beyond to please customers and colleagues alike. Our Star Awards are just one of the ways we recognise their commitment and contribution.

    Award Categories

    The Star Awards are run across all our locations and are presented at our annual Gala Dinner – this year held at Stirling Castle. We recognise people in the following categories:

    1. The Wow Factor
    2. Shining Star (Advisor)
    3. Rising Star (Advisor)
    4. People Manager of the Month
    5. Role Model of the Month

    In our smaller galaxies (Greenock, Dunoon and Rothesay) the Shining Star and Rising Star awards are combined, while in our larger galaxies (Derby, Dearne Valley, Warrington, Glasgow, Falkirk and Kilmarnock) the People Manager of the Month and Role Model of the Month awards have further sub-categories – giving seven awards in total.

    JOIN Webhelp UK

    Ready to master the art of communication? Apply for a role at Webhelp UK.

    Confident people with great communication skills. That’s who we’re looking for.

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    Interview tips

    A vibrant workplace, rewards and progression is what we’ll give you.

    Find the right role for you using our online application process. Like everything we do, we’ve made it as simple as possible, using the best technology to hand.

    Talk to us

    We hope we’ve inspired you to consider a career at Webhelp UK.

    If you’ve got any questions, start mastering the art of communication!

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    Interview tips

    Interview Tips

    If you’ve made it through to the interview stage, we’re pretty sure you’re already the kind of person who makes a great first impression; the kind of person we want to bring on board!

    There a few things to consider for your interview.

    join us

    talk to us

    Do your Research!

    Make sure you visit the company website, look at our history, vision, values and the services we provide. It’ll not only show us you understand the company, it’ll also show you what it’s like to work with us!

    Dress for Success!

    Dressing appropriately for the interview it isn’t just about making a good first impression. It’s also about how it’ll make you feel. If you look smart and confident on the outside, you’ll feel it on the inside too.

    "The world sums you up by the clothes that you wear, and treats you accordingly"

    Don’t underestimate a telephone interview

    If you wow us on the phone, we know you’ll be able to wow our customers on a call too. It is after all, a huge part of our business. You never know when we might contact you for a chat, so try and be prepared to talk confidently at a moment’s notice.

    • Be Prepared

    • During the phone interview

    • Interview technique

    • What You Do Say

    • What You Don't Say

    • Listen

    • Prepare for a phone interview just as you would if you were meeting us face to face. Know your strengths, weaknesses and be prepared to answer our questions with confidence. In a phone interview, silences and stalling is even more noticeable, so you need to make sure you can communicate brilliantly, just like you would on a customer call.
    • Keep you CV in clear view
    • Have a pen and paper handy to take notes
    • Avoid interruptions and distractions; turn off call-waiting and switch off the TV
    • Clear the room and close the door – evict children and pets
    • If your mobile reception is poor, opt to use a landline
    • Lastly, if the time isn’t convenient, politely ask to reschedule